Blue 360 Media (Blue)
  • Blue 360 Media, a newly formed entity by RLG Capital, purchased a well-established portfolio of law enforcement publications with a track record of more than 60 years.

  • Portfolio of publications includes state specific criminal handbooks/manuals that contain comprehensive and relevant statutes (code sections) covering criminal procedure and motor vehicle regulations.

  • Blue has its head office in Park City, Utah.

Blue 360 Media

Industry:​                      Publishing

Capital Invested:         US$2,000,000


Investment Date:        March 2017

Advance Wire Products (AWP)
  • Advance Wire Products has been providing merchandising solutions to the retail industry
    since 1953 and has its headquarters in British Columbia, Canada.

  • AWP specializes in the design, prototyping and manufacturing of high quality in-store display and merchandising solutions mainly for the retail grocery industry. These highly specialized solutions are customized to meet clients’ design and functionality requirements and can include various materials such as wood, wire, metal, and plastic.

Advance Wire Products

Industry:​                      Manufacturing

Capital Invested:         $4,550,000 (after partial repayments)


Investment Date:        September 2017

 Diversified portfolio of royalties generating cash flow